Getting Ready

  So far you have learned about forex and the basics. You have also decided that forex trading is your cup of tea. And now you are eager to know more! Imagine that you are out in a market, shopping for your Sunday lunch. You have a shopping list and a budget for the ingredients. […]

Trading Advice

  Is forex trading your cup of tea? You will know this after you have been doing it for a while. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Forex is not Gambling Forex trading is not about gambling or testing your luck at the roulette table. And it’s not about hitting the jackpot with a single […]

Demo Trading

Now you know the basics, you have chosen your broker, and you are even ready to open a demo account. Having a demo account means the following: You will trade on the live market It is for free, and you can use it as long as you want It simulates real trading conditions, but does […]

How to Choose a Trading Platform?

  Also called trading software, a trading platform is computer software through which you conduct your trades online. Imagine it as a platform that connects you to the forex market online – and most importantly through the broker that provides it for you for free. What do you need for it? Internet connection → download […]

How to Choose Your Broker?

  The market is full of online brokers – and each one claims to be the best. However, you are not looking for perfection. You want a regulated broker with low spreads, low minimum lot size,outstanding execution, technical tools, and flexible leverage. Is your broker licensed and authorized to operate its services? If not, your […]

Forex ABCD

Learning a foreign language starts with the alphabet – and so does forex. Forex has its own language, that is, special terminology. If you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of other traders, it’s useful to know that a pip is not a seed in an orange, and execution is not about playing Russian […]

Trading Styles

  The beauty of forex, among other things, is that you can do it anywhere, anytimeand you are free to choose your own trading style. This means that you can trade according to your individual personality, knowledge and risk tolerance. Which Trading Style to Choose? Let’s learn the basics about the popular trading styles first: […]

Trading Sessions

Now you are a bit closer to forex: you know what it is, how you can benefit from it and who the market participants are. Let’s see when you can trade. Do you remember what you previously learned about the advantages of forex, telling you that the market is open nonstop? Yes, the forex market […]